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Bodyweight workouts and fitness programs

The body you’ve always wanted.
The strength you’ve always needed.
The health you’ve always deserved.

Physical Fitness Training workoutsWild animals don’t care how tired or hungry they may be at any given time, they will do whatever they can to ensure their survival. Without this ANIMALISTIC INSTINCT, they are sure to die young. This is the same mentality that you must have towards your physical and mental conditioning because you never know when and where you may have to depend upon your physical prowess for survival.

Being physically, psychologically, and mentally
tough is not an option!

We are currently a free fitness resource constantly in the process of improving our web site to better serve the athletes and individuals that have made us part of their team. This website serves to build, strengthen, and enhance your overall fitness, mental toughness, athleticism, durability, and stamina with the least amount of equipment possible. Check back regularly as ANIMALISTIC FITNESS provides you with even more resources for your personal health and vitality!

“Everyone can gain the health benefits of physical fitness: age, ethnicity, shape or size do not matter.”

The goal of ANIMALISTIC FITNESS is to prepare individuals physically, mentally, and psychologically, for the rigors and uncertainties of life, sport, and combat.

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